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Village Heights Resort

A true haven of peace
Village Heights Resort is nestled amongst lush landscaped gardens offering views of the generous Cretan nature and countryside
Embracing Mindful Vacation and Active Living
At the heart of the generous
Cretan nature with breathtaking views of the countryside,
Village Heights Resort
promises elegant, private,
self-catered accommodations,
an exhilarating 18-hole golf course at
the nearby Crete Golf Club,
indulgent spa treatments
and warm & attentive service.
Summer 2023

This summer season, Village Heights Resort introduces brand new facilities, collaborations & programming.

As true to a traditional Cretan environment as possible, our Kafenio is housed in a compact square. With stone-brick walls, wooden chairs, and a rustic environment that takes you back in time, The Kafenio of Village Heights is a must-visit. The kafenio has traditionally served as a gathering place for people of all ages, including teachers and intellectuals.

Although times have changed and product shipping has become simpler, shepherds continue to utilize mitato as temporary homes and lodging in many areas. In fact, festivals with music, wine, and debates are frequently conducted during spring and summer in the Mitato of Psiloritis. We are bringing this tradition that is unique for Crete and the Cyclades closer to you to experience during your stay with us.

A brand new bar around the pool along with nourishing activities are awaiting you this summer!


Spacious and comfy self-catered apartments, featuring one, two or three bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchenette. Boasting calming views over the sea, resort's gardens and mountains.

Hearty breakfast and dinner buffets and enticing a la carte lunch & dinner, served at an authentic, warm atmosphere. Recipes showcasing the island's rich culinary heritage and the distinct flavors of fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Our resort welcomes you with a generous array of family-friendly activities, restaurants and accommodation to appeal to all ages and preferences.
Mindful and Active Vacation

Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air, Village Heights is an ideal location to reconnect with nature. Offering a range of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and yoga classes, which provide an opportunity for you to stay active while also immersing yourself in the beautiful surroundings. We emphasize on mindfulness, with workshops and classes on meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living, and you can indulge in organic and locally sourced cuisine at our restaurants, for the ultimate wellness experience. Recharge, relax, and prioritize health and well-being.

Things to Do
For the Golf Lovers
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Hersonissos Resort - Village Heights Resort
Hersonissos Resort - Village Heights Resort
Hersonissos Resort - Village Heights Resort
Life At Village Heights Resort
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Hersonissos Resort - Village Heights Resort
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